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“I believe in the initiative and referendum, which should be used not to destroy representative government, but to correct it whenever it becomes misrepresentative.”
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We provide the integrity that has been lacking in the rest of the industry for so long. In anonymous interviews with an independent research firm, one client said, "You couldn't find anyone more trustworthy and loyal."


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Imagine if you didn't need to worry about ballot access and could simply focus on campaigning. We draw on our proven systems, expertise, and experience so you have confidence your project will get done.


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We provide our one-of-a-kind signature validation system and technology, which truly sets us apart and gives YOU the peace of mind to know you will make the ballot.


HIRING NOW: Make Money and a Difference for Your Community.

Become a well-paid professional Petition Circulator. The Signature Gathering Co. is hiring motivated, high-integrity individuals to join our team beginning in January 2018! Make a difference for your community by giving registered voters the opportunity to sign official petitions either at their door or in high traffic locations.

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Who We Are

We began The Signature Gathering Company to provide the Competency AND Integrity that have been lacking in the rest of the Petitioning industry for so long.

Colorado and Ohio-based Olson Strategies, Oregon-based Triton Polling, and the former Signature Gathering Company of Oregon joined forces to form The Signature Gathering Company to fill the void across the country for well-managed, highly efficient signature gathering services you can trust.

We give candidate and ballot question campaigns the confidence and peace of mind they will make it on the ballot.

Why Teddy Roosevelt?

Our 26th president was a fierce advocate for the right of citizens to petition their government and access the ballot. Known for being bold, honest, and effective, Teddy Roosevelt stood for "We. The People" and changed the course of history. We are continuing this legacy by giving freedom-loving candidates and liberty-minded ballot questions a professional, trustworthy, and cost-effective way to make it on the ballot, so voters have more choices to determine their own futures.

Join our team and make money while making a difference. Be a part of making history.


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