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Grassfire, LLC

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"We Elevate Trailblazers, like you, above the Noise...

through Worry-free Constituent Conversations that you can be Proud of."


Avoid Failure • Connect with Constituents • Win the Day



Live Calling

Everyone Deserves The Opportunity to Make a Case For What They Believe

But There’s a Problem…

• Not sure where to start

• What you’ve tried isn't working

• Bad past experiences

• Lack of transparency and trust

• Too much work and difficult

• Too expensive

Trust Grassfire to Solve Your Most Pressing Problems

At the Door

Effective professional Door to Door Canvassing that delivers your message directly to voters at their door step.

On the Phone

Highest quality Live Telephone Calling for Get-Out-the-Vote, persuasion, event promotion and more.

In Front of the Supermarket

Expert Signature Gathering Petition services to qualify issues and candidates for the ballot.

Grassfire has everything you need to get on the ballot or win the election through direct voter conversations.

And we are known for providing INTEGRITY, CONFIDENCE, and PEACE of MIND.

Get on the Ballot, Persuade Voters, and Win Your Election

What People Are Saying About Grassfire

Independent Study

In a research conducted by an independent firm, the number one attribute with which previous clients, current clients, and vendors described our team as “Honest and Trustworthy”

In an anonymous interview one client said, You couldn’t find anyone more trustworthy and loyal.

Who Should Partner with Grassfire?

Ballot Initiatives

When your legislature fails to act or needs public pressure to do the right thing, Grassfire moves the needle by qualifying your Initiative, Referendum, or Amendment on the ballot... And then makes the case at the door or on the phone.

State & Federal Clients

Whether it's qualifying your Candidate's campaign for the ballot or taking your message directly to voters door to door or by phone, Grassfire persuades your audience through worry-free voter conversations.

Independent Expenditures

Make grassroots part of your IE effort and do so with peace of mind the job will get done right. We provide Comprehensive, Integrated, and most importantly Turnkey Grassroots Operations... almost overnight, so you can focus on other elements of your election. Just ask us to: TURN THE KEY!